Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Razzberry Inc @ Woodlands July

If you has of told Jayme a year ago she would be meshing her own stuff she would have laughed at you. But in the last 5 months she has worked hard and taught herself how to do s, and honestly you would never be able to tell its only been a few months. Knowing Jayme as well as I do, I feel very comfortable saying she is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, and when she sets her mind to something she will do what she can to jump over any barriers stopping her. 

This collection is no exception!

The theme for this round of woodlands was 'Tropical', and with this collection, she has delivered in spades. Think of beach, think of summer, think tropical and everything in this set comes to mind. Beautifully meshed, and perfectly textured this collection is a perfect addition to any beach party. 

With its vibrant colors, this set makes my mouth water, and my stomach complain that i am not enjoying this food in real life. Least on SL I don't need to worry about how much of it I eat :D 

Items Pictured -
[RI] "Fruity Flamingo" RARE
[RI] "Holy Guacamole" Chips
[RI] "Surfari" Shaved Ice
[RI] "Surfs Up" Sliders (Pink)
[RI] "Surfs Up" Sliders (Blue)                           All available from 1st July at Woodlands (Click for Taxi)
[RI] "Wipe Out" Watermelon
[RI] "Kowabunga" Corndogs
[RI] "Gnarly" Nuggets
[RI] "Catch the Wave" Cupcakes
[RI] "Kawaii Sunset" Surfboard Table RARE


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