Thursday, 31 July 2014

-One Eleven-

As a man in Second Life who likes to shop it is always exciting to come across a new designer producing high quality mesh clothing for us, and they don't get much newer than One Eleven. 

With only 3 t-shirts to choose from, and set an an incredibly reasonable price I didn't hesitate for a moment buying out everything he had to offer on the market place, and rushed straight to my platform to show them all off. In the hope to shed a little light on this new creator, in the hope that it encourages them to carry on the amazing work. 

Normally when I blog, I like to try and set a scene, and write a story, try to draw a picture for you all of what is going on, but honestly, I felt that I wanted these shirts to speak for themselves. Its so easy for us to just glance at all the textures around us and just take them for granted. we see hundreds, thousands of them a day. A lot of the hard work creators do for the most part goes unnoticed and so I wanted to keep it simple and clean, to make the shirts the main focus, and to really highlight the effort made by the owner of One Eleven on these stunning textures. 

I really hope this is just a sign of things to come, and once One Eleven finds their stride that they really start to experiment with a whole manner of clothing. I will definitely be adding them to my watch list, and honestly, I think you should to. At only 50L$ these T-shirts are most definitely great value for money.  

Credits -
-One Eleven- Watermelon Delight T-Shirt -][- Watermelon Delight Marketplace
-One Eleven- Pug Life T-Shirt -][- Pug Life Market Place
-One Eleven-  Cloud Scape T-Shirt -][-  Coud Scape Marketplace
{theosophy} Monmouth Glasses (Coal) -][- (Theosopy) SLUrl
.::[NerdMonkey] - [DIY Slim Pants with suspenders]::. -][- [NerdMonky] SLUrl

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Atelier Kreslo presents: Donut Festival '14

I was lucky enough today to get early access to the donut festival. and I assure you I took great advantage of it wipes a few crumbs from his shirt. But its ok, even I with my love of donuts were unable to eat everything there, so there is still plenty left for you to all go and enjoy when the event opens to the public. 

When I first landed I was in awe, I was like a kid in a candy store...except the kid has the money to buy all the things, and as you can imagine this kid went to town. It was a tough choice, after all, as I'm NOT a kid I had to be a little responsible and not buy everything all at once, so picking just a few was my first hurdle...but compared to what was to come it was relatively easy. 

The hard part came when I got home and had to plate them up, besides having to hold back myself from eating them I had to fight of my family long enough to get a few photos before my trip to the donut festival was reduced to a few crumbs. 

Thankfully the event runs for 2 weeks, so there will be plenty of time for me to go back and grab all the ones I was unable to get this time round, and even a few extras of some of the ones I loved the most. 

The creators have all done an exceptional job of this, and it REALLY was tough to single out just a few to feature in this post. 

When it was all said and done...I even found the strength to share one...just one..the rest are mine!!

Donuts pictured -
lxlNoel's Vanilla Donut
lxlNoel's Vanilla/Choco Donut
hyasynth's  Fruity Birdonut
hyasynth's  Berry Birdonut
Sway's - Bear
Sway's - Chick 
-Pixicat- Donut.Mouth                                                     Are  available plus many more 13th July 2014 
-Pixicat- Donut.Eye                                                         at the  Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival 
AF Glazed Strawberry Donutwich
Kalopsia's Donut - Chocolate
Kalopsia's Donut - Strawberry
Henry Haystack's Meow
Zen Zarco's Piggy Pastry
Zen Zarco's Mouse Donut
Zen Zarco's I <3 Donut

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Cracked Mirror

I must admit from the start, when I brought this outfit it was with the sole intent of trying to enter a contest to become a blogger for Cracked Mirror, I had never heard of or seen their stuff before, but as an aspiring blogger I figured it would be at least worth trying. 

What I didn't expect was to find an outfit I really loved. I've always been a big fan of a smart/casual look, and so I found most of their entire mens catalogue perfect for me. The part I struggled with the most was to find the pieces I would buy to use in my blog post, and after trying on the pieces I did buy I will definitely be going back for more. 

In all honesty, the only downside I did find was the small number of items they did have for men, it certainly will not take me long to eventually go through and add it all to my inventory. I know its hard for creators to want to create for men, we are not the majority of the market, and its more profitable for people to make stuff for woman. So I get excited when I see store like this at least acknowledging us men, and I really look forward to seeing what there is to come in the future for men from Cracked Mirror.

Today I decided to take my pictures in my man cave. Living on land populated by almost all women its nice to have a little space for myself. I say my self, my wife did the décor for me, I'm useless at that stuff, and as you can see she did a wonderful job. 

Decorated by-

My Outfit -
(CM) Messy Shirt (pink w/ teal tie  ) -][- (CM) Messy Shirt Marketplace
(CM) Chinos MESH (grey) -][- (CM) Grey Chinos Marketplace
Mesh Shoes - Slip-ons:  -][-  Mesh Slipons Marketplace

A few of my favourite décor pieces- 
:CP: Nolan Painted Foosball Table (PG)
Kalopsia - Rusted Ottoman
Kalopsia - Garage Shelf
7 - Flag - Union Jack
floorplan. beer marquee / english
[Con.] Boneyard Soda Machine - Red
EoD Arcade
BALACLAVA!! Good Ol' Derby
Hideki - Rustic lamp

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Razzberry Inc @ Woodlands July

If you has of told Jayme a year ago she would be meshing her own stuff she would have laughed at you. But in the last 5 months she has worked hard and taught herself how to do s, and honestly you would never be able to tell its only been a few months. Knowing Jayme as well as I do, I feel very comfortable saying she is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, and when she sets her mind to something she will do what she can to jump over any barriers stopping her. 

This collection is no exception!

The theme for this round of woodlands was 'Tropical', and with this collection, she has delivered in spades. Think of beach, think of summer, think tropical and everything in this set comes to mind. Beautifully meshed, and perfectly textured this collection is a perfect addition to any beach party. 

With its vibrant colors, this set makes my mouth water, and my stomach complain that i am not enjoying this food in real life. Least on SL I don't need to worry about how much of it I eat :D 

Items Pictured -
[RI] "Fruity Flamingo" RARE
[RI] "Holy Guacamole" Chips
[RI] "Surfari" Shaved Ice
[RI] "Surfs Up" Sliders (Pink)
[RI] "Surfs Up" Sliders (Blue)                           All available from 1st July at Woodlands (Click for Taxi)
[RI] "Wipe Out" Watermelon
[RI] "Kowabunga" Corndogs
[RI] "Gnarly" Nuggets
[RI] "Catch the Wave" Cupcakes
[RI] "Kawaii Sunset" Surfboard Table RARE

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