Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Tranquil Sunday

Some times its nice to just spend some peaceful, alone time with the one you love, and thanks to the amazing creators who made these wonderful things, and the amazing décor skills of my wife we have the perfect spot to just unwind with each other. 

What can be more romantic than laying down with your wife as the sun sets, listening to nothing but the gentle waves lapping at the coast line. With all the camp stuff, decorating the land, and my wife setting up her new Interior/exterior décor service, it really has been hard to just steal a few moments away together, and this was much needed. 

This to me is what Sundays are all about, sending the children away for a few hours and taking a few moments to just appreciate each other, and the things around you that you have worked so hard to achieve. 
After all, what's the point of working hard all your life if you never take a moment to enjoy the things you are working for. 

Decorated by-

His Outfit -

Her Outfit-
*Edelweiss* Irie 2.0(S)
Schadenfreude Spandau Ballet Flats, l

!Ohmai: Flamingo C (Rez) [Coral]
{anc} Aurorabed . 9Li
Kalopsia - Fancy Gazebo
+Half-Deer+ Lighted Step - Plank - Lt Wood/Moss


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