Saturday, 11 October 2014

Man about town

Photographed by ThePixe1

Everyman needs at least one good suit, with this round of TMD you are in luck! Gabriel has this wonderful 3 piece suit on offer in two colours, I went with the more simplistic black personally, but the black/purple was just as nice, and at only 300L$ a steal. The shoes, although not pictured are by L.Warwick and accompany the suit perfectly, I picked them up also in the black despite the huge range of colours on offer. What I loved most about them is the fact they were slink compatible meaning I didn't have to mess around with taking my feet off. I am a pretty lazy dresser like that, anything to save time.

Photographed by ThePixe1


[L.Warwick] Virtuoso -Oxford Dress Shoes- Black  ][ TMD Oct '14
Gabriel ::GB::Stripe three-piece / Dark gray ][ TMD Oct '14
Exile::Machinehead Natural Fusion 2 ][ TMD Oct '14

~ The Sable Club ~ ][ Adult Rated Land!


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