Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I ain't afraid of no ghosts

Photographed by PoorLemon

Slowly she creeps into the cemetery, eyes darting across the land, watching out for anything that may want to make her dinner. Little did the ghosts and ghouls of the cemetery know though was that this little girl was full of Halloween candy, and as hyper as a kid could be. They all ran back to their hiding places and left her get on with her business praying that she would leave them be to R.I.P!

Recorded by PoorLemon

Jaymes Outfit
-LaViere- Sabrina  Blonde ][ Trunk or Treat
Little Closet - Sailors Dress - Blush - Boxed  ][ Trunk or Treat
[RI] Batty Wings  ][ Trunk or Treat
[RI] Frank'n Teddy Trick-or-Treat Bag ][ Limited 50 Oct '14


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