Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Mens Department August 2014

This week my wife has been busy setting up a show home for her business, and I decided to help. By help of course I mean I just kinda sat there not in the way while she gets on with what she was doing. Getting in her way, I find, is the quickest and easiest way for me to get into trouble. 

With all the decorating going on I managed to find a few moments to sneak away to The Mens Department and pick a few things for myself. I find on a month to month basis its very hit and miss as to whether I find anything there I like or not, and this round was a hit for sure. It was hard for me to just pick out a few pieces to write about, but I feel I picked the pieces I loved the most, and will hopefully make it back before the event is over to pick up the rest.

Firstly we have the Eddy Cardigan by howl. I picked it in the gray color I seem to be favouring that a lot lately, but there were many colors to pick from, and a hud to control the color of the shirt as well for an additional 100L$ definitely worth getting if you are going to buy one or more of these cardigans. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as just putting it on and being ready to go, I had to tweak my shape a little, and play around with my hands to get it all to fit, but ultimately it was worth the effort and looks great on. 

To go with the cardigan I picked the Bueno Lexi  Denim Jeans in Blue. After Demoing them the hardest thing I found was deciding which pair I wanted, so I went with the pair that I figured Id use the most. Blue jeans I know, we all have plenty of them, and that's why I normally avoid buying any more, but these I managed to put on and with out any extra effort I had boots (Zed Mesh Dessert Boots) and a top (see above) that fit perfectly with ZERO visible clipping. Its hard to find jeans that fit so fluidly with other items, let alone things made by other creators so I was most happy with this purchase, will be buying a few other colors for sure.

Credits -
Howl - Eddy Cardigan [Gray] -][- The Mens Department
Bueno-Lexi  Denim Jeans  BLEU -][- The Mens Department
[INK] Hair___ZEUS Hair ::Black -][- Collab88                      
[INK] Hair___ZEUS Beard ::Black -][- Collab88                   


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