Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back to The Mens Department

With some free time on our hands, Elliss and I decided we should go re-visit The Mens Department one last time and pick up a few pieces before it closed. While the majority of stores these days don't truly retire items after events, its better to be sure and grab the stuff while its available. Id hate to miss out on something just because I was naive in thinking it would still be obtainable after the event. While it is pretty much common practice to put things out after the event, there are still a few who either don't, or do but take forever to get round to it. Better to be safe than sorry.

Modelled by Elliss
It was handy having Elliss along with me, we both have pretty varying styles and as such gave me the perfect opportunity to show more off as part of this post.

The Jeans Elliss has on in the picture are the Bueno Lexi  Denim Jeans that I mentioned in my last post, but in this case in faded black. I even brought another pair of these my self Faded BluGrn (not pictured). For anyone that wears jeans a lot on Secondlife, these are definitely something you need to consider buying. 

The sweatshirt worn by Elliss is the [2byte] sweatshirts 05 (Love Hate) I haven't tried it n personally, sop I cant say to much about it other than it looks good, fits well, and Elliss seems really pleased with it. Its not really my style so not something I will be rushing out to buy, but if this is a look you like, then based on what I have been told and seen, its got to be at least worth grabbing the demo and trying it out.

To finish his outfit Elliss brought the Eudora 3D El Dorado Hi-Tops

I'm torn by these, I think they look awesome, and I have been so tempted to buy them myself, but every time I go to, I talk myself out of it. They look great in the ad pictures for sure, and just as good in world. I just don't think I would personally use them all that often. I still might buy them, its coming close to the end of the month, and there aren't to many more events I need to hold back money for.

I definitely spent a lot on my second trip to The Mens Department, and picked up a lot of the things I didn't buy the first time round. I wont bother going through all of it, Ill stick to the stuff I picked for my outfit, I am sure the rest will show up in other posts further down the line. 

The Top I am wearing in the picture is the Zaara Imran Kurta in the Salmon colour ( I also brought it in sky but wanted the salmon for this post). It was hard to pick the colours I liked the most, but felt the salmon and sky were the two I would get the most use out of and went with them. I also picked up the Texture change hud for the trim of the tops..A must I feel if you are going to buy any of them. I own a few pieces by Zaara so the  exceptional quality of the work didn't shock me, I knew I would get what I paid for and ultimately was very happy with my choices.

The chinos again were me falling back on an old favourite. *Shai* I brought these blindly without even demoing them, and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. In this post I am using the *Shai* men's Basic Chinos White, but there were so many colors to chose from I almost wound up buying them all. Considering 5/6 months ago I had never tried anything buy this creator, now I just buy things blindly because I know that the product represented in the ad is what you are going to get, and the sizing of the Shai products is always spot on.

This will be my last post focusing on this round of The Mens Department for this month, but overall this time round I was very happy with a lot of the stuff there. I think its the most I have brought in recent memory at this event, and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one. 

Elliss' Outfit 
MOON {Hair} One Greayscales -][- The Mens Department 
Eudora 3D El Dorado Hi Tops -][- The Mens Department 
Bueno-Lexi Denium Jeans BLK Faded -][-  The Mens Department 
[2byte] sweatshirts 05 -][- The Mens Department 

My Outfit 
Zaara : Imran kurta *salmon* -][- The Mens Department 
*Shai* Men's Basic Chinos - White -][-  The Mens Department 
{Sleepy Eddy} Espadrille-Loafers (Beige) -][-  [Sleepy Eddy]
{Sleepy Eddy} Boston Glasses (Black) -][- [Sleepy Eddy]

Other Stuff Used 
Stockholm&Lima: G.U.Y. Sofa (TMD Edition)- PG -][- The Mens Department 


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