Friday, 19 December 2014

Dinner on ice

Photographed and Decorated by PoorLemon

It would be such a waste of a beautifully decorated sim if we didn't take a moment to step outside and really take it in. What better way to enjoy your surroundings than with a nice well decorated meal for you and your closest during the most magical time of the year. This table set by Kalopsia perfectly highlights the season, and is a great way to bring the indoors out. 

Photographed and Decorated by PoorLemon

Watch out for the polar bears though, I have been told they will steal your Christmas ham 

Kalopsia - Winter Dishes (Blue)
Kalopsia - Candle Sticks
Kalopsia - Table Decoration (Blue)
Kalopsia - Winter Wood Table
Kalopsia - Winter Chair
Kalopsia - Winter Wood Bench (Blue)
Kalopsia - Winter Wood Canopy
[ keke ] twinkling lights log - snow wood 1
{anc} NOEL. :  tears tree / 9Li RARE


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