Saturday, 20 September 2014

Home & Garden Expo: Dutchie

When we first landed at the Home & Garden Expo, this was one of the first displays I found my self being dragged along to. She was still setting up her vendors, but the house was set up and ready to explore, and my wife could not wait to do so.  We use a lot of Dutchie furniture around our home and are definitely fans of her work, and so we were excited by what she had to offer.

We were not disappointed!!

'But if you were so excited why didn't you blog it first' I hear you all crying, simply..we couldn't come up with an idea that would do it justice. We could have just taken a bunch of pictures at the event of her set up and called it a day, but we felt this wonderful house deserved more of a personal touch.

Decorated and Photographed by PoorLemon

'But its FALL!!!' I know, you don't need to remind me, the thousands of other fall pictures going around have firmly reminded us all that it is indeed fall. But we wanted to do something a little different, so here it is.

Decorated and Photographed by PoorLemon

Of course, we could just post 100's of pictures of the exterior from different angles and show you all why this house is so amazing, but I beg you, if you find the time, go to the Home & Garden Expo and really check it out, pictures alone can not do this justice.

Decorated and Photographed by PoorLemon
Decorated and Photographed by PoorLemon
Decorated and Photographed by PoorLemon

So again, please, if you have the time, go take a look for yourself, pictured here is really just a small fraction of what there is on offer in this wonderful building.

HGE: Dutchie ][ Dutchie - Home Expo 2

Dutchie Villa Utrecht 
Dutchie french chaise longue pg
Dutchie writing desk pg
Dutchie art deco sofa pg
Dutchie art deco chair left
Dutchie art deco chair right
Dutchie blue and green rug
Dutch photo collage
Dutchie art deco coffee table


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