Sunday, 14 April 2013

Finally the sun shows its face!

Before I get started Id like to take the opportunity to thank my wonderful family for all their support over the last week, with my computer broken and a few weeks until I can buy myself a new one it certainly has not been easy. This post itself took a lot of work from a lot of people to put together, so again thank you to my wonderful family, and even though he will likely never see it, a big thanks to my roommate for the use of his computer.

Photo taken by Noah Ethan Noble  (Click to view larger)
FINALLY, after what seems like a winter that was never going to end the sun has decided it was time to put in an appearance  so its time to put away all your sweaters, jumpers and thick heavy clothes, so of course that means its time to go out and buy a new wardrobe of clothes for the coming months. The only real question was where do I start with all my spending. I decided to go out and find my self a complete outfit, so all the clothes I'm wearing are making their first appearance on the mancave (the chinos HAVE appeared in other colours). The pale blue shirt (Lake) comes from FATEwear, and comes in 3 styles (closed, partially open and open) and is available in a range of colours, so its easy to find one to match any outfit you want to put together, defiantly a must have for this coming season. The pants are from 8F8 another design Ive mentioned a few times before, I'm always impressed with how well they work with almost everything I have, available as a fatpack of 5 colours or singlely for only 75L$ its worth getting the demo and trying them out.

Photo taken by Noah Ethan Noble  (Click to view larger)
No outfit is complete of course without the right pair of shoes, so imagine how impressed I was when I came across these smart brown shoes by Jeepers Shoes for Men. Unlike the FATEwear and 8F8 this is the first time I have tried and used their products, and if these shoes are anything to go by it wont be the last. Shoes are something I always struggle to find, especially at a low cost, and so when I saw these I felt like I had no choice but to get them. They give of a perfect smart yet casual feel and complement the rest of my outfit perfectly to finish off my look. Defiantly worth checking out the in world store, as well as the other two places of course.

Photo taken by Noah Ethan Noble  (Click to view larger)
Shirt - FATEwear Shirt Samuel Lake 

Pants - 8f8 - GREY Chinos with Cuffs

SHoes - Jeepers - Connery Brown


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