Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bed rest

They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman, and this is certainly proof of that. So naturally when the wife isn't feeling to good I need to do everything in my power to make her feel better again. A nice meal, followed by some much needed rest and cuddles in bed ought to do the job.

Photo by Poorlemon (click to view larger)
Outfit Details

Hat - -Entente- -David hair & beanie brown

Sweater - 8F8 - Lines V-Neck sweater w/grey shirt

Trousers - 8F8 - Grey Chinos w/cuffs

Sneakers - Indi - O'Leary sneakers grey

Bedroom Set - Custom made for us by our good friend Brie

Photo by Poorlemon (click to view larger)


Princess Nadya Kruyschek said...

cutest couple ever :)

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